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Healthcare Quality

(public OR reporting) AND transparency AND ("patient outcomes") AND hospital AND ("clinical quality" OR "care quality") AND (web OR internet)

Christianson 2010 A Report Card on Provider Report Cards

  • * Survey of 263 public reports in 21 geographic areas
  • * 161 report hospital performance
  • * 103 report physician performance
  • * More measures derived from claims data instead of medical records data
  • * Availability of information to consumers depends on location and health plan membership

Fung 2008 The Evidence That Publishing Patient Care Performance Data Improves Quality of Care

  • * Lack of data to determine effect of public reporting on effectiveness, safety, and patient-centeredness
  • * Public reporting stimulates quality improvement activity in hospitals

(public OR reporting) AND (clinic quality OR care quality)

Werner 2005 The Unintended Consequences of Publicly Reporting Quality Information

Lindenauer 2007 Public Reporting and Pay for Performance in Hospital Quality Improvement

Eysenbach 2002 Empirical Studies Assessing the Quality of Health Information for Consumers on the World Wide Web

  • * Survey of studies of web-site qualtiy. NOT information on care quality
  • * Survey of studies which assess quality information online
  • * Define “Web Information”
  • Accessed via “systematic search” not including search engines, portals, rating/review services, other information retrieval studies
  • * Quality criteria
  • source authority
  • information accuracy, readability, completeness
  • comparing to non-internet sources
  • * Asked consensus of multiple experts to assign “quality” to the measures used in each target study
  • scored search strategy and evaluation methods

Bernstam 2005 Instruments to assess the quality of health information on the World Wide Web: what can our patients actually use?

  • * Good and more-recent survey of web data presentation tools

Asch 2006 Who Is at Greatest Risk for Receiving Poor-Quality Health Care?

  • * Important study with strong results
  • Shows potential impact of effective web-based education systems?

Griffiths 2000 Quality of web based information on treatment of depression: cross sectional survey

  • * Good example of use of web-site as a health service on its own.

Li 2010 Measuring web-based service quality (Not health-industry specific)

Batalden 2007 What is “quality improvement” and how can it transform healthcare? (Editorial)

Search Strategies
  • * Medline and Premedline with recorded query language
  • Eysenbach 2002
  • (quality OR reliability OR accuracy OR readability OR evaluation OR assessment) AND (information OR education OR advice) AND (internet OR web OR ehealth OR “e-health” OR cyber* OR www)