Michael's Wiki

Version 3: Vegas & Two Days

In Vegas

  • Frankie's Tiki Room
  • Downtown Old Vegas
  • Walk the Strip

Desert Towns to See

  • Oatman
  • Searchlight (good for drive-through)
  • Boulder

Major Attractions

Outdoor Stuff

Version 2: CA to UT

With just a couple days off work, we can still pass through most of the landmarks from before.

  1. August 25/26: Drive into Fort Mojave
  2. August 27: Leave for UT
    • Stopover at Grand Canyon SkyWalk! (Need Tickets)
    • Quick stop at Hoover dam while passing through
    • Pass through Vegas still! May want to stop briefly.
    • Rent hotel in Springdale, town inside Zion park (Need to book)
  3. August 28 (Monday): Hike in Zion park
      • Need to get hike permit in Springdale
      • Permit place also provides wading boots and hiking gear
    • If time allows: Angel's Landing hike
  4. August 28 (Tuesday)
    • Gopi flies back to FL
    • Michael flies back to CA
Version 1: Week Trip

Here's my proposal for a 1-week Mojave desert road trip. We get to see two places I haven't been, Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon, and a couple I have. We should be back in Southern California with an extra day or two before the project hand-off in Irvine.

  1. August 13: Arrive in Utah.
  2. August 15: Drive to Las Vegas (2.5 hour drive)
  3. August 17: Drive toward Fort Mojave
    • Pass Hoover Dam on the way
    • Pass Grand Canyon (1.5 hour into drive)
  4. August 17/18: Fort Mojave. Spend a day or two in the desert.
  5. August 20 (Sunday): Drive to CA