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Naive Bayes Assumption

The Naive Bayes assumption in classification is that data observations are independent of each other when conditioned on their class.

Naive Bayes Model
Training a Naive Bayes Classification Algorithm
  • For each class
  • For each feature
  • P ( x_j = 1 | c_k ) = n_{jk} / n_k
  • end
  • P( c_k ) = n_k / N
  • end

Complexity is linear in T, where T is the total number of word tokens: $O(T+kd)$.


Smoothing is very important to account for zero-counts in training data. A beta prior is common here. Without smoothing, the classifier can learn zero-probabilities for certain features. This rules out the possibility of that feature being associated with a class in the future.

Naive Bayes Bernoulli


Naive bayes was widely used in early spam email classifiers.