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 +===== Why a Wiki? =====
 + --- //Michael Stewart 2017/05/07//
 +Wikis provide [[why a wiki:wiki_features|features]] to facilitate uniquely excellent [[why a wiki:writing]], [[why a wiki:exploration]], and [[why a wiki:lookup]] of human knowledge. This is supported by their network-like structure, rather than the linear A-to-B structure in most documents.
 +My personal experience was the most rewarding and effective way for me to take notes in school.
 +==== As a Personal Site ====
 +It is very easy to edit and maintain. Using this template I can edit easily on mobile or desktop. This allows for flexibility to do most things I want in a personal site that common web applications don't support.
 +I began using [[https://www.dokuwiki.org/dokuwiki#|DokuWiki]] for my grad school [[class notes]]. I would take written or electronic notes from a lecture and then re-process them again into the wiki. I found the act of reinterpreting material very useful for studying. The ability to put class material in context of other lectures and //other classes// was extremely useful to my studying habits.
 +Ever since then, I've been a bit of a wiki evangelist. I harassed professors interested in writing conventional text books instead of [[https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Data_Structures|wiki books]]. I stand by that harassment. One of my coworkers once joked that I thought wikis will "solve world hunger" and since them I'm starting with trying to use it more as a [[blog posts|blogging and presentation platform]]. I'll update when I get it to brush your teeth.
 +==== Why Ever a Wiki? ====
 +It is all in how you use it, and wikis are a powerful tool. Compared to other formats, Wikis are a more demanding exercise in writing. They require a structure and style, but can serve multiple purposes from what I use here to workplace documentation and document management. I recommend scanning through the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:List_of_guidelines#Editing|Wikipedia Guidelines]] as an example if you are unclear about the difference between writing a wiki page and some other document.
 +When written well, they can accommodate both [[why a wiki:exploration]] and [[why a wiki:lookup]], tasks typically given to textbooks and search engines. However, the use of actual hyperlinks to connect related concepts allows for a much more flexible and direct presentation. Wikis allow for much cleaner progression of ideas and the relationships between ideas than what is possible in conventional books.